Nearly 50 years after the tourism industry started flourishing in the Maldives, this stunning island destination continues to wow travellers with its oh-so-stunning crystal-clear waters and sandy beaches. The sunny side of life offers you more than anything-but-ordinary settings and spectacular marine life. Kandima Maldives presents you with a host of adrenaline-fueled activities, dining options and wellness offerings, all designed to elevate your escapade to the island destination. 

Here are the top 5 reasons why Kandima is the dream destination for your next uber-fun vacay!

1. Picturesque surroundings

Dreaming about turquoise waters, spellbinding sceneries, cool summer breeze, and sugar-powdered beaches? The idyllic setting of our palm-fringed beaches presents exactly what you crave with our powdery white sands, and endless shades of blues on the horizon. From oh-so stylish studios, villas and suites to several Instagram-worthy spots on our 3-km unique island destination, your daily dose of Vitamin Sea is guaranteed at Kandima.

2. A foodie haven

Indulge in a dining experience unlike any other throughout your tropical vacation. Explore the mouth-watering culinary offerings from a choice of 10 distinct dining options at our oh-so-fun lifestyle resort. Whether you are craving a quick bite paired with the perfect drink, the freshest flavours from around the world or delicious meat grilled to perfection, we have it all. 

When you need a change of scenery while savouring the exquisite flavours, a bucket list of destination dining experiences is waiting for you at your kind of place. For a truly memorable experience, take your loved one on a private beach picnic and enjoy a true Robinson Crusoe experience. Another not-to-miss experience at Kandima is the Floating Breakfast and Maldivian Floating Lunch – where you can dine while taking a dip in the pool and lounge away with the sea views set as the background.

3. Rejuvenating wellness offerings

In need of a break from the humdrum of life? Then you’ve stumbled upon the perfect place here at our award-winning esKape spa. From pampering signature massages to rejuvenating wellness retreats, you will experience the ultimate serenity. Gaze at the sensational views of the Indian Ocean after your massage, and unwind while sipping on a cup of warm herbal tea. Treat yourself to an experience of pure bliss by joining our outdoor sunset meditation or yoga session, lulled by the soothing sounds of waves. Ease your mind at your kind of place away from the hustle and bustle of life.

4. Exciting aquatic adventures

One of the most exquisite experiences waiting for you on the tropical island lies perhaps beneath the waters. With the infinite waters presenting their gems, you can explore the teeming marine life of Maldives here at Kandima. From Discover Scuba Diving, to getting PADI certified or enjoying thrilling watersports, our uber-thrilling Aquaholics Centre is the perfect spot for those seeking the ultimate adrenaline rush. We got a host of oh-so-fun activities in store for you. Be enthralled on our sunset cruise and dolphin quest as you set your eyes on a mirage-like beauty. Make the ocean your playground with our ultra-kool activities, from glass canoe, sea bobbing, parasailing, and flyboarding to snorkelling with turtles. Splashing fun awaits at Kandima.

5. Endless entertainment

Seeking that perfect tropical Maldivian getaway with an exciting mix of active lifestyle and entertainment? At Kandima, we pull out all the stops for the party. Make a splash at our pool parties and let the live bands or kool DJs make you groove. What’s more? The Sun Away Party and White Parties at the adults-only night spot Forbidden Bar are the perfect special weekly fun parties for you to join. Put your dancing shoes on with our special Latin, Tango, Hip Hop and Ecstatic dance lessons. And if you are seeking a quieter night, movie nights under the stars await you. Take your pick from a host of daily activities, from dance classes to fitness activities. Our little VIPs are also in for a fun time at Kandiland, one of the biggest Kids Clubs in the Maldives with its very own water play zone and a new set of entertaining activities presented for the kids every day!

Are you ready to visit your dream destination? Then go ahead a book your oh-so fun escapade here, or get in touch with us at [email protected].