Do you have a creative streak? Want to explore the artist in you? Then our KULA Art Studio is the perfect place for you. Head over to our studio overlooking the lake and join our Maldivian resident artist. Set your inner artist free as you pour out the excitement of an anything-but-ordinary vacation onto a canvas. Take away your chef-d’oeuvre as a joyful memory of your stay at our game-changing destination.

The KULA Art Initiative is not only a fun-filled time where the full spectrum of creative arts is celebrated at Kandima. It is also one of the most significant CSR projects undertaken by our stylish island destination, where the entire resort is turned into the trendiest, most happening art centre in the Indian Ocean. Based on our values of being rooted and responsible, this initiative was created to support local artists and communities. With the display of artworks made by Maldivian artists and our local resident artist, the studio is the epicentre of Kandima’s art scene. The peacefully serene outlet set by the edge of the lake invites all to group or private art classes with our in-house artist.

Art in all of its forms is not only celebrated with the KULA Art Festival and displays of work. Our KULA Art Fund is a crucial element that allows us to take the initiative to new heights. For every guest staying on our island destination, 1 dollar is credited to the fund, and for each artwork sold from the Kula Art Studio, 30% of the cost is donated to it. The funds are then used to support local community initiatives dedicated to education, arts, and music. At Kandima, we believe in giving back to our community and preserving the rich Maldivian culture with meaningful contributions.

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