Planning your ultimate vacation in the Maldives but pondering on what to do? Fret not, because Kandima Maldives has got heaps of adventures waiting for you. Cross off one by one from your bucket list as you enjoy sun-splashed fun and oh-so-cool escapades.

Here’s a list of 10 must-dos when in Kandima!

1. Stay over the pristine blues in an Aqua Villa

In the island country celebrated for its turquoise lagoons and clear blue oceans, staying over waters might sound cliché. However, no matter how often you’ve read about it or seen it in pictures, nothing compares to waking up to the stunning ocean views. As the sun rises above the Indian Ocean, the water villas at Kandima fill up with golden hues. The bathtub with views of the horizon in the distance, and snorkelling adventures waiting below the villa deck for you at any time of the day. It is an unparalleled experience that lets you take in the Maldives in all its spectacularity.

2. Start your day with a delectable floating breakfast

Whilst the natural beauty and idyllic moments are abundant in the Maldives, one of the unique experiences may be having your breakfast served atop the waters of your private pool. The floating breakfast is an unprecedented adventure and a picture-perfect moment. Dip into the calm waters as the first rays of the sun begin to shine. Savour the bursting flavours of your breakfast while you gaze at the endless blues of the Indian Ocean. Tick off the perfect insta-worthy moment from your bucket list while entertaining your taste buds.

3. Parasail above the Indian Ocean

With the isles of the Maldives scattered around the Indian Ocean, 99% of the country is the bright blue sea. The waters hold many wonders, not only under the surface, with the exquisite marine life, but also above. Drink in the clear horizon as you glide atop the ocean. The adrenaline rush will surely leave you with an unforgettable moment as you fly overhead in a parachute tethered to a boat. Gaze at the scenic azures as you ascend to the picturesque blues of the sky and capture your fun adventures with a GoPro shot.

4. Float over the ocean in a glass canoe

The crystal clear waters of the Maldives welcome you to an adventure unlike any other. Kandima features abundant watersport adventures, but glass canoes offer you an unparalleled experience. While padding over the blue ocean is a delight in and of itself, canoeing welcomes you to take a glimpse of the sea below you. It’s the perfect opportunity to see the teeming marine life of the Maldives whilst you are comfortably seated and dry.

5. Snap your moments

Your moments in Kandima are sure to be anything but ordinary. While you’re creating memories to be cherished for a lifetime, the moment can be captured by a professional photographer. With drone shots and videography services, you can reminisce about the adventures for years to come. Our in-house photo studio offers services catered specifically for you. Capture the extraordinary moments and all the little details of your time in Kandima.

6. Dine amidst the Maldives’ stunning surroundings

One of the highlights of any remarkable vacation is the culinary journey you take on it. Kandima has countless options for you to dine at. Whether you’re in the mood for seafood, smoke-laden flavours from BBQ or Teppanyaki grill, or craving a laidback vibe with spectacular views, we’ve got it. However, the most incredible gastronomy experience awaits outside the restaurants and bars. Nothing compares to having a romantic dinner on the powdery white beaches of the Maldives. Or enjoy the perfect evening with mouth-watering dishes served in a spectacular setting curated just for you. With various destination dining options, you can create incredible memories shared between you and your loved ones at your kind of setup.

7. Relax with the ultimate spa treatment

Once you have had your fill of exhilarating escapades, it is the perfect time to catch a break from the humdrum of life. Relax and recover from the exerting activities. EsKape spa presents the perfect tropical surrounding where you can detach from reality and unwind with heavenly treatments. Relish in pampering signature massages that combine a blend of specialised techniques to bring relief to your body and soul. Treat yourself to a time of pure bliss imbibed in sea serenity. 

8. Dive into the expansive ocean

With Kandima being located in Dhaalu Atoll, one of the most pristine regions of the country, it presents an idyllic opportunity for you to explore beneath the cerulean blues. Perfect for beginners and advanced divers alike, the oh-so-magical underwater kingdom teeming with marine life awaits to be discovered. While newbie divers can enjoy the pristine waters with our Aquaholic’s ‘Discover Scuba Diving’, advanced divers can also get PADI certified at Kandima. With opportunities to discover dreamy dive locations throughout the year, there is a world of wonder waiting below the ocean waters of the Maldives.

9. Snorkel over the vibrant waters

The underwater beauty of the Maldives comes second to none. Though only some are comfortable diving deep into the waters to swim alongside the aquatic life, it’s all good because you can witness the world underwater while floating along the shallow waters as well. With a colourful house-reef, and many snorkelling locations just a few minutes away from Kandima, you can discover all the blues around the island (desti)nation. Renowned for its diverse marine ecosystem brimming with colourful fishes, sea turtles, stingrays, and baby sharks, snorkelling in the Maldives is a must-have experience.

10. Settle for a starlit movie night

The unique theatrical experience of enjoying a movie under the stars is often regarded as one of the best things to do in the Maldives. A cinema set up on the beach, screening a film of your choice, with just the stars and your loved ones to keep you company – it’s a heavenly experience. Packed with bean bags and comfortable cushions, the entire setup is organised under the open sky, where you can enjoy your favourite snacks and sip on wine while watching the movie of your choice.

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