Once again Kandima Maldives has proved its trendy status in the island nation. The resort has launched a very first Silent Disco party at its famous Beach Club. The party was held yesterday with over 130 people joining the ‘silent’ dance! Party goers grabbed a pair of headphones through which they could listen to one of three music “channels” spun by the local DJs. Guests controlled not only the type of music they heard, but also the volume at which they heard it.

“Silent discos just are an absolute riot,” says Nizaam Mohamed, who is currently in charge of the Food & Beverage department at Kandima Maldives. “It’s cooler than a concert because it’s basically three concerts in one that anyone can attend, and people get to pick which concert they want to be at. It’s interesting to walk into a crowd without a headset and hear almost nothing while everybody else enjoying their own kind of music!”.

Kandima Maldives has already scheduled another Silent Disco party before this New Year’s Eve and will host at least one more on a monthly basis from January 2019 onwards. Both the current and further events will be done in partnership with Uber Events & Artists Management and the top DJs from the Maldives such as DJ Umar, DJ Vifak and DJ Akram.

Silent disco at Kandima