The Maldives is renowned for its majestic marine life. With its blooming gardens underwater, there are kaleidoscopic wonders to be discovered in the island country. However, you don’t always have to dive deep into the waters to witness the exotic aquatic wonders. Instead, head on a cruise atop the azures and spot some playful pods of dolphins as you set sail across the waters. Maldives is one the best destinations in the world to sight these friendly mammals.

It is believed that the Maldives is home to 20 different species of dolphins. These include spinners, bottlenose dolphins, Risso’s and Atlantic white-sided dolphins. While you’re in your island destination at Kandima Maldives, you are more likely to spot some spinner dolphins, as these ocean leapers are commonly spotted in the Dhaalu atoll. They feed on animals in pods and you can even spot them from the Ocean Pool Villas at our stylish island.

If you want a closer look, it’s best to join our dolphin quest excursion, where one of the Aquaholics guides takes you on a boat. Set sail on an excursion to areas where dolphins are most abundant. Whether you’re in the mood for a cruise early morning or late afternoon, you can spot them as they actively search for food.

According to local fishermen, dolphins are attracted to and react most to applause by leaping out of the waters and racing with the boat. These intelligent and friendly mammals are perhaps the most social of the aquatic animals and love to be the centre of attention. Watching them happily perform aerial stunts and play in the water is a not-to-miss family fun experience during your stay at Kandima.

Book your 90-minute cruise with the dolphins at Aquaholics for USD 60++ for an amazing time. Check out the uber-fun adventures waiting for you at Kandima here, and get in touch with us at [email protected].